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What is BirdWatch Zambia?

BirdWatch Zambia, formerly known as ZOS (Zambian Ornithological Society) is one of the older NGOs registered under the Societies Act in Zambia having been in existence since 1969. The object of the Society is to stimulate interest in and to further the study and conservation of birds in Zambia. We are also a Partner Designate of BirdLife International.
BirdWatch Zambia has always had a committed core membership with a high degree of technical skills capable of maintaining a constant output of high quality ornithological research which is regularly published in internal and external scientific publications. Grouped around this core of expertise is a committed and knowledgeable membership providing freely of their time towards BirdWatch Zambia's many activities including a monthly Newsletter and frequent walks and field outings.

How is BirdWatch Zambia managed?

BirdWatch Zambia is managed by a democratically elected executive committee comprising of up to 11 members who are elected annually to office at the Annual General Meeting. The members of the executive committee comprise a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 7 ordinary members. The Technical Advisor (TA), is not elected but co-opted and has no voting rights. The TA is selected from a small group of internationally recognised ornithologists living in Zambia. The BirdWatch Zambia executive committee meets monthly to conduct the formal business of the Society and review and assess the projects work that is in progress.

BirdWatch Zambia runs a full time office situated in 25 Joseph Mwilwa Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka.
The office is run by an Office Manager and the staff include a research Officer Chaona Phiri, and Accounts Clerk as well as two logistics officers. There is a branch of BirdWatch Zambia on the Copperbelt and one in the Luangwa Valley. These branches are called “Nests” and have their own birding activities in the area they represent.

Committee BirdWatch Zambia 2016:
Chairperson                            -  Mwape Sichilongo (0966 442540)
Vice Chairperson                     -  Crispin Sinyama
Secretary                               -  Guida Bell-Cross (0977 485446)
Treasurer                               -  Peggy Evans
Membership Secretary             -  Susan Clayton
Birdwalk Coordinator               -  Carl Beel (0978239543)
Newsletter Coordinator            -  Glenys Shone
Fundraising, Advertisiing and    -  Fen Rickards
Entertainment Coordinator      
Member                                 -  Griffin Shanungu
Member                                 -  Leslie Reynolds

Copperbelt Nest                      -  Kevin Shone
Luangwa Nest                         -  Fil Hide  (0978 345590)


Technical Advisor                   -  Frank Willems
ZAWA Representative             -  Daniel Mwizabi     

How is BirdWatch Zambia financed?

The core functions of the Society have always been financed from member's subscriptions and other internal fund raising activities. In addition, the Society, which has gained an enviable reputation for credibility and accountability, has been successful in acquiring grant financing for specific projects.

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Zambian barbet (Chaplin's)
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Mangrove Kingfisher
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