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'The Birds of Zambia. An Atlas and Handbook' by RJ Dowsett, DR Aspinwall, and F Dowsett-Lemaire. Published by Tauraco Press. The long awaited atlas has finally been published. An essential companion to any field guide, full of useful information on where and when to see birds. It also contains a history of Zambian ornithology, a description of the biogeography, habitats and conservation issues, and data on ringing recoveries. Available from the NHBS in the UK or from the BirdWatch office in Joseph Mwilwa Road. K350 for non members and K300 for members.

Tauraco Research Report 9 - A Contribution to the Ornithology of Zambia' This is a companion publication to 'The Birds of Zambia' by Dowsett et al
(2008). The contents are as follows:
  • The resident birds of Zambia: additional data on distribution and status by R.J.Dowsett.
  • Palaearctic migrants in Zambia by R.J. Dowsett
  • Intra-African migrants in Zambia by R.J.Dowsett & P.M. Leonard
  • Annotated lists of the birds of Zambia's national parks by R.J. Dowsett & P.M.Leonard
  • Recent additions to the bird checklists of Zambian Important Bird Areas by P.M. Leonard
This is a free pdf - Available via

'Birds of Africa South of the Sahara' by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan is an adequate field guide for Zambia, with illustrations and maps for all species. However, as the maps are drawn on a continent wide scale, they are necessarily coarse and miss the finer details of distribution within Zambia. In addition, many of the illustrations, especially those of birds only occurring north of the Zambezi, do not do the birds justice, and the taxonomy used often does not agree with more authorative texts, such as The Birds of Zambia. First published in 2003. Available in Lusaka bookstores.

'Birds of Africa South of the Sahara, Second Edition'  by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan. See previous description. This edition, published in 2010, has 5000 new images. Available in Lusaka bookstores.

'The Complete photographic Field Guide of Southern Africa' by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan is the most comprehensive collection of southern African bird photographs yet published. Published in 2009. Available in Lusaka bookstores.

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