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BirdWatch Zambia has trained people who live in neighbouring communities as IBA guides. These guides have had 3 separate training sessions and they are equipped with a guide book and a pair of binoculars. Please use these guides when you visit IBAs as they have been trained to find the important birds in the area. We are hoping that this will bring a small amount of income into the IBAs and our suggested charge for use of one of our trained guides is K50,000. The guides listed below have passed the tests and further guides will be added as the year progresses. For more information on the IBAs, consult 'Important Bird Areas of Zambia' by Peter Leonard.

Close to Lusaka. Zambian Barbets, Miombo endemics and waterbirds abound.
Contact: Simataa Nakambowa +260 966 037178

Lovely Mushitus (swamp forest) teeming with forest specials.
Contact: Vincent Nkunikeni through Robert Coillard Young +260 979 183860

Sioma Ngwezi National Park
A large and little visited National Park. An ideal site for the intrepid explorer.
Contact: Jebby Mutakazona +260 976 588588, +260 962 588588, +264 814381838

Stronghold of the Black-cheeked Lovebird, supports most of the world's population of these rare and threatened birds.
Contact: Agnitor Mutelo +260 979 754338

On the border with Namibia,the wetland areas are good for Skimmers and Slaty Egrets, the woodlands hold many more arid adapted species. Perfect to combine with Machile.
Contact: Brian Zuze +260 976 980447

Nkanga River Conservation Area
The best site to see the Zambian Barbet. Good for Miombo specials and raptors too Amur and Red-footed Falcons abound in the summer.
Contact: Nkanga River Conservation Area or

This is an area of Mopane woodland and lowland deciduous thicket and is the breeding ground for the migratory African Pitta as well as home for the Crested Guineafowl, Purple-crested Turaco and African Broadbill.
Contact: Simon Hamuzembu, Charles Bulungu - both can be contacted through Boniface Mulopa +260 979 132397

North Swaka
This area comprises of two national forests and has rich miombo and broad headwater dambos. This is the tip of the Lunsemfwa river system and there are gorges and waterfalls and strips of sub-montane forest
Contact: Tweady Kambwili - +260 974 526272

Jimbe drainage
Although miombo is dominant, the site is most important for its strips of Mushito. These gallery forests line a network of streams that drain into the Jimbe River and the fauna and flora contain a very strong Guineo-Congolian element.
Contact: Elias Makondu - Kayuka village, Justine Kanema - Lukano village, Kenson Muke, - Kayuka village, Christopher Kawang’u – Swana Muhongu Village

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