About Us

Our Organizational Profile

BirdWatch Zambia (BWZ) formerly Zambian Ornithological Society (ZOS), is a membership-based environmental NGO established in 1969. BWZ is a member of a global environmental and conservation partnership through its membership of BirdLife International. Currently, BWZ is the only BirdLife International Partner in Zambia.

The objective of BWZ is to promote the study, conservation, and general interest in birds and their habitats in Zambia. The organisation produces a monthly members’ newsletter and conducts monthly bird-walks were members learn about birds and birding in Zambia.

BWZ’s main activities are centred on Zambia’s 42 Important Bird Areas (IBA) and are based on 4 focal areas of:

Species- Take Action on Species, particularly Globally Threatened;

Develop species conservation strategies for the Zambian Barbet, Black-cheeked Lovebird, Wattled Crane, Shoebill and Vultures.

Develop a waterfowl monitoring programme with a focus on behaviour ecology and inter-wetland migration in country and Southern Africa sub-region in the face of climate change/ variability.

Sites:  take action for Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs)

Biodiversity monitoring of IBAs – at least 35 IBAs are regularly monitored, some as part of the African Waterfowl Census Programme

Enhanced legal protection for IBAs through collaborative work with The Department of Parks and Wildlife

Establishment of Site Support Groups (SSGs) in at least 15 IBAs:

Habitats:  collect data on habitats and influence land use and other policies impacting birds and their habitats

Bi-annual waterfowl counts at most wetlands across the country as part of the African Waterfowl Census Programme

People:  Promote links between biodiversity conservation and rural livelihoods, promote interest in birds, conservation and the environment through public awareness campaigns and educational programmes;

Regular bird walks, members newsletter, and lectures on conservation

Community avian tourism development and capacity enhancement (citizen science)

A school environmental education programme including curriculum development, local (indigenous) bird stories, competitions, and publications

BWZ Executive Committee

BWZ is headed by a democratically elected executive committee consisting of a chairperson and vice, secretary, treasurer, and up-to 7 committee members as well as a technical advisor. The Executive Committee is responsible for BWZ policy and programme development and supervision of the secretariat.

BWZ Secretariat

The BWZ secretariat is headed by a Programmes Manager and has a staff compliment of 5 people. It consists of 3 units broadly divided into Science (Biodiversity, Conservation and monitoring programme), Rural development and people (SSG, Community development, livelihoods and conservation) and, Education (environmental education programme, awareness campaigns, and advocacy).


BWZ works in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Tourism – Department of National parks and Wildlife (DNPW), Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), University of Zambia (UNZA), Worldwide Fund (WWF) as local partners on a number of initiatives as well as the International Climate Fund (ICF) and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) the major international partners. By virtue of its partnership with BirdLife International, BWZ also works with over 200 other BirdLife Partners across the world.