Climate Change

Some areas in the country, particularly the south-western part are naturally dry, however, it has been observed over the past couple of years that the dry seasons are becoming longer and the wet seasons shorter. This has had a negative impact on the birdlife in that area. One such area, also housing a species of global conservation concern is Machile

climate change using birds as indicators in Important Bird and Biodiversity areas (IBAs) through sustainable utilisation and management of ecosystems and the services they provide.

The 2017 edition SADC climate risk and vulnerability handbook for southern Africa reports that Southern Africa has been warming significantly over the last century. For the period 1961 to 2014, temperatures over the region have increased at a rate of 0.4°c per decade, this is illustrated in figure 1.

Figure 2; Adopted from 2017: Climate Risk and Vulnerability: A Handbook for Southern Africa (2nd Edition)

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