Education, advocacy and policy engagement

BWZ’s education, advocacy and policy programme is strongly hinged to the habitat monitoring and species research programmes. The two programmes not only provide information necessary to drive awareness raising, advocacy for the preservation of natural systems and processes as well as policy engagement in an effort to ensure the sustainable utilisation of ecosystems and the various services they provide.

Various platforms have been used to communicate to the different stakeholders and audiences, this include; online publications, print media, talks and school visits. In addition BWZ also has a monthly members’ newsletter as well as a termly schools newsletter.

Examples of recent online publication;

Current Projects;

  1. Elephant charged Funded IBA education project
  2. Isdell Foundation Vulture Safe Zones project

Recent past projects;

  1. Van Tienhoven funded Organophosphate and Carbamates Project
  2. Civil Society Environment Fund National Biodiversity and Species Protection Project
  3. Norwegian Ornithological society funded IBA monitoring project
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