Vulture Safe Zones

The Vulture Safe Zone (VSZ) concept is dedicated to creating a poison free environment for all vulture species. Zambia hosts 7 vulture species; 4 species are critically endangered and 2 endangered according to the IUCN red list of threatened species. As is the case with the rest of Africa, Zambia’s Vulture populations have suffered a human induced population decline of up to 98% in some species such as the White-headed (Trigonoceps occipitalis) and White-backed Vultures (Gyps africanus).

The idea behind the creation of VSZs is to reduce the chances of vulture poisoning incidents. With the rising number of vulture deaths due to various threats, the concept of VSZs plays a vital role in the long-term survival of vultures. In areas where there are extant populations of vultures, concerted efforts are made to propagate this initiative by raising awareness to save vultures. With support from National Geographic Society and through dialogue and partnership with farm owners, BWZ started this initiative at 3 farms in Chisamba and it has now grown to cover well over 109, 000ha of private land including farms and game reserves Within this land, vultures have safe feeding area with no risk of poisoning and safe roosting sites.

Current Vulture Safe Zones in Zambia

As BWZ, interest to protect and retain the Vulture population, we seek to hold at least 250000ha of VSZs in the country.

If you have a farm or game ranch with large trees, attracting a lot of vultures and a section which doesn’t have heavy traffic and you are keen to be part of these initiative please contact the office ( and we will help you join the group of people fighting to save Africa’s vultures. .